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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Dec 21
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Café Désirs is a fascinating look at a generation of dissatisfied single young men living in the ancient city of Constantine in Algeria. Since the early 90s, when a bloody civil war broke out as a result of a struggle between the military and Islamist militants, the concept of haram—the forbidden—has demanded the rigid separation of men and women. And it has trapped Algerian men between strict religious virtue and sexual desire. The film follows three eloquent men who take us into the male-only world of cafés and hookah smoking to talk openly about their lives, frustrations about work and the social dangers of living in a sexually repressed environment.
Café Désirs is an engaging exploration of masculine sexuality and gender politics in an Arab country still struggling with its colonial past. 

Raymonde Provencher

Post screening discussion with Malik, activist in Constantine featured in the film.

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