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Communita Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan
Aug 05
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Karachii, we are Back!

Come join us for Communita's storytelling show “Kahani Baaz”.

If you have a story to tell:

Prepare and send us a five-minute story about teamwork. Dynamic duos, helping hands, partners in crime. United by a common goal, allied by a mutual enemy. Collective efforts in the kitchen, field or boardroom. Overcoming differences, agreeing to disagree. Celebrating in victory or commiserating in defeat. I jump, you jump. 1,2,3…

1) This event is for personal, first person stories ONLY. 
2) The length of the story should not exceed 5 minutes.
3) If you wish to tell a story, please send us your full written story to [email protected] with the subject as "Kahani Baaz Karachi, 05 August" We will shortlist 8 stories that get the spotlight and 2 stories will be picked by our host from the Kahaani Box on the day of the event! 
4) The deadline to submit your stories is 29th July, 7PM! 

If you want to hear these stories:

Just come, sit back, listen and enjoy the show!

How many stories do you get to hear in one night? 10! 

Date and Time: 05th August, 5pm!
Venue: Communita Pakistan

Contact Details

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