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ArtKaam Gallery
Jan 26
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This exhibition covers Artist Javed Qamar's newest work which portrays Quranic Scripts in different writing styles in splashes of colors, monotones and architectural inscriptions. There is a momentous deviation from his usual and known style of work whereby Mr. Qamar has taken the celebrated Islamic symmetrical balance to a new level. His rendering of 'Takraar' (repetitive alphabets) in circular motion and 'layering' of similar wordings in different colors mesmerizes the viewer and truly establishes himself as a leader in Calligraphy by all standards.
Through this show, the artist truly pushes himself to his limits with the result of a breathtaking collection for the viewing pleasure of art connoisseurs.

Junaid Hamid
CEO & Curator

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Contact. 0317 1160642
[email protected]

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